Workshop (2000) by Paola Poletto

the analogy of hibernation for art production is a concept that came to me in a dream. it offers a state of being … i am awake to administrate, i am asleep to make; i administrate to sleep, i make make. i imagine a way of liberating myself from fear and the use of any one material or technique or viewpoint… do you see it, did you see it, i can't bear to look at it anymore, let’s go! i enjoy collaborative production in the making of a social sculpture. my interests intersect design, art, poetry, craft and crap… and a better, fuller understanding of the material and sociological nature of an object and, especially, its relationship to who defines and represents and makes and consumes it. i am drawn to decay and regeneration… my putrid air, exhaust and wind. i am an honest worker with a half-baked ambition to run a beauty salon… i am a cubicle decorator, no space too small.