Feathers neither caramel or snow
or helicopter
or seed
or circling shark
I am attracted to the materials of light
woven fluff
nesting strings and raw silk

I scour Queen, College, Bloor, Yonge
infecting condos
and subways

I am the urban chic(en)
I am a super “c”d
donning all the immunities to disease/you
airbrushed legs and a buoyant breast
(we once consumed each other)
I am the singular
animal of mass-destruction

I am your host this evening - you
will not devour me
you will not eat me
you will not sniff me
you will not have the chance, but you
watch me.

I am a twentieth century bird
pecking at style words
- like terrorism, avian, flight-risk

(written and performed by Paola Poletto at Train, Toronto in 2006)