Dalla Coletta

These works suggest a nostalgia for familial landscapes over shared time and place. Growing up between Opitergium (Oderzo, Italy), Tkaronto (Toronto), and Rama (Ramara Township), and across generations — by reclaiming the surname of my maternal grandmother — Dalla Coletta exists in rags and canvas; amongst the roses and geraniums; on hopeful ink/paint and putrid air. I am reflecting on Arte Povera — the “poor” art movement in 1960’s Italy — and Modernist Canadian landscapes with Eurocentric views of land without people. These are both stylistic forms of disruption… running alongside them is also a dangerous refuge into abstraction, disengagement and denial… Dalla Coletta attempts to surface something hopeful that lies in between these knowns and unknowns. 

unentitled (Sophie's Fort), 2020 acrylic, latex paints, ink pen, rose petals, geranium petals, embroidery thread on unstretched canvas, 38" x 48"

unentitled (Joe's Creek), 2020 acrylic paint, ink, geranium petals, fabric, embroidery thread on unstretched canvas, hung askew, 39" x 49"

unentitled (landscape), 2020 acrylic paint, rose petals, geranium petals, ink pen, embroidery thread, cord on unstretched canvas, 34" x 34"    Currently on view through to January 2021 at Orillia Museum of Art and History