Girls and Guns

Installation view at Dorrotya Galleria (top works by Paola Poletto;
bottom centre and left works by Sheila Butler)
Construction not Destruction 
1 of 8 photo collage 
by Paola Poletto

Installation view in Novisad's Military Museum
Construction not Destruction (2004) was a series of photo collage that i produced for Kiss Machine's sixth issue with a theme of Girls and Guns, which was inspired by doctoral research by Marlo Edwards about girls and guns in popular culture, film and contemporary literature. Sheila Butler, Nina Czegledy, Michelle Kaspzak and Sally McKay joined me to produce work for the publication and exhibition. The collective exhibited at Forest City Gallery, London (2004), a Miss Teapot performance by Sally McKay with Jean McKay at YYZ, Toronto, to launch the publication (2004); Dorrotya Galleria, Budapest, Tirana Artist Run Centre, Albania, and the Military Museum in Novisad, Serbia as part of Novisad Media Festival (2005).  

Cover image for Kiss Machine by Nina Czegledy
Trading cards as inserts for zine by Sally McKay