We've printed the final bookwork and it looks great! It is a large print format printed in limited edition of 25. 

Here's an excerpt from my introduction: 

this bookwork includes a curated series of photographs modelling an auction catalogue featuring estate jewellery. provenance, object dating and titling, with expert valuation for the photograph. older photographs from older generation phone = smaller image size, foggier memories, tenuous values. our family jewels, culled from sourced, inherited, gifted and made jewellery, help shape and perhaps complicate an info label that reflects on genealogy and its gaps, family fictions, half-truths, capitalist and gift economies. valuations and re-evaluations.

necklance 1,2 (2012)

...makes wearable objects and photos by chance. naming and colour selections are a free for all precipitated by brain development. pop culture references. wars. trinkets. silver. glitter. styling. 

P is for Paola, and the e's are my kids. We make things together. We negotiate the colours, patterns, and self-representation. A five year project covering their ages 3-8. The works are the photographs together with the off necklaces, yarns, hats on, and stuff.